Orval Trappist - Abdij Notre-Dame d'Orval

Orval Trappist

33 cl

Brand: Orval Trappist - Abdij Notre-Dame d'Orval
Article number: 01028
EAN: 5410908000036
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Orval belongs to the one of the few Trappist beer in the world. Orval brews only one kind of beer with the aroma of fruit , malt and flowers. The taste is full with a bitter aftertaste and some citrus notes. The beer has a relatively low alcohol content of 6.2% which is a good reason to drink one more ;-)
Contents: 33 cl
Country: Belgium
Brewery: Orval Trappist
Style: Amber
Alcohol: 6,2%
Score RateBeer: 99 (4183 ratings)
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